A classic car differs from vintage and antique cars in several ways. First, a classic car is a car that is over 20 years old.

Antique cars are more than 45 years old, while vintage cars are cars assembled between 1919-30. Since many subjects dominate the world of automobiles, many people tend to have their definition of classic cars.

Some find it challenging to separate classic cars from vintage and antique cars. This is apparent by the set insurance guidelines defining what a classic car is. Some studies have revealed that vehicles built from 1900-1979 are categorized as classic or antique. Cars manufactured in 1980 and afterward are regarded as collector cars.

According to the Classic Car Club of America, only cars manufactured between 1915-1948 are considered classic. Note that there are other factors that the club takes into account when determining whether the car is classic or not, such as superior artistry, distinctive design, and high engineering caliber. This means not all cars manufactured in 1915-1948 are considered classic.

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