Pontiac: the quintessential American car. It appeared in so many movies and so many TV series that to a lot of us, it was almost as if it was our dad’s car! Goodfellas, Young Blood, Slap Shot… No wonder it is the childhood dream car of plenty of us!

While a couple of years ago owning a Pontiac seemed like an impossible dream, the price has gone down enough that nowadays it isn’t too farfetched to want to get one. Finding a 60s Pontiac Hot Rod or a Pontiac Firebird is doable if we carefully check Craigslist or eBay, and if you are lucky you could even score one in your surroundings if you check the local advertisements and newspapers.

The price is also reasonable these days: we can even find some models for as cheap as 15k! And, well, if that’s still too pricey for you you can always snatch some Pontiac merchandise on Etsy to keep the cravings at bay!

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