The Dodge Viper was one of the first models presented in the resurgence of Dodge muscle cars. TheĀ  Dodge Viper concept began at Chrysler Advanced Design Studios and received final approval by Lee Iacocca in 1990. The first 1990 Dodge Viper prototype, with a powerful V10 engine, was running in February 1990. A later pre-production version of the 1990 Dodge Viper was used as a pace car in the Indianapolis 500.

TheĀ  Dodge Viper was co-designed by engineers from Lamborghini and used a V10 engine weighing 711lbs and generating over 400hp. The early models of the 1990 Dodge Viper did not include amenities such as air conditioning or eternal handles as the car was intended for performance uses only.

The dodge Viper also had a zipper-opening canvas roof that was later changed into a hard fiberglass outer shell to add more driver comfort and safety. The 1990 Dodge Viper had a maximum speed of 165mph.

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