The Model T was a popular automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company between the years of October 1, 1908, and May 26, 1927. With approximately 16.5 million models sold, the Model T ranks eighth for all-time car sales.

The Model T was affectionately known as the ‘Tin Lizzie’ and was conceptualized as an affordable car available to most Americans. The Model was the first car to be made with interchangeable parts and was successfully marketed to the rising American middle class.

The Model Trolling off the assembly lines in Detroit became a symbol of the growing industrial modernization of America. The Model T was designed to be dependable and durable, while also be easy enough to repair after purchase.

The Model T had a four-cylinder engine and could reach speeds of 45mph. In 1908, when the Model T was initially produced, it sold for a whopping $900, or about $24,000 in our current economy.

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