The 1969 Ford Boss Mustang classic car is one of the rarest cars and has a high selling value. In production in 1968 in Michigan, this car was only made as many as 1,399.

Seeing the design of the 1969 Mustang, the roof was lowered 1.5 inches with the windshield sloping backward. The dashboard is made with indented and 2 separate settings and there are 19 colors to choose from for the 1969 Mustang with 33 interior combinations.

Currently, collectors are looking for this car, and there was an auction on eBay around 2008. 1969 The Ford Boss Mustang is a type of Mustang car with excellent performance that was sold from 1969 to 1970 and is a very rare muscle car and most popular in his day. Ford used this Mustang to test the NASCAR 429 semi-hemisphere engine. At present, it is hard to find this Mustang in good condition.

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