In 1966 was introduced the special edition Shelby GT350. It was known as a high-performance sports car built by Caroll Shelby American that presented new colors including blue, red, green, and black with their classic white stripes in the middle.

That year, in order to increase sales, Hertz purchased over a thousand cars renaming them to Shelby GT350-H.

The deal with Hertz was to offer these models only through rental and once their rental life was over, they went back to Ford to be refurbished and prepared to be sold as GT350H models to the public.

Hertz advertised these cars through a program called “Rent-a.-Racer” which was of great success.

The program ended because when the cars were returned to be fixed and prepared for reselling it was too expensive because they had a lot of things for repairing.

This is one of the most popular classic vehicles among collectors, the ones left in commission are valued greatly and auctioned in not less than 1500 dollars.

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